Below you will find concept drawings of the new church that are a 50% increase in the size of the parish and will allow All Saints to grow by 100%. Stay tuned for future announcements, not just about the building, but about the unveiling of our new mission and ministry plans for the future and we look forward to making an even greater impact in the neighbourhoods of Lakeshore North and South.

The following concept drawings illustrate the main features of the new church.

1) A small basement for mechanical/electrical with a garbage room

2) The main sanctuary has a break out wall into the gym for additional seating for large events like Christmas and Easter. Adjacent to the gym is a full kitchen for parish meals, cooking classes and more. The rest of the main level is comprised of a board/meeting room and administration area. 

3) The second floor features a party room, Sunday School rooms, Youth room and storage for our outside groups. 

In all, the church has been designed as a church within a community centre. All Saints' is looking forward to all the new possibilities, programs and services we will be able to bring to Lakeshore North and South.