Welcome back!

This Fall there will be only one service at 10:00 am each Sunday. Please register for every Sunday using the plan your visit button or by calling the Church Office at (519) 884-6600. There will be no 8:00 am Sunday services at this time. This is because of the need to sanitize the church after each service. During the service, please note:

  1. Masks will be required in the building as required by regional health regulations. People are asked to bring their own. However, there will be masks available for those who do not have them.
  2. People attending will be required to sign in. This is necessary for contract tracing required by both the government and diocese.  
  3. Orders of service are to be taken home after the service. There are no books in the pews. 
  4. Hand sanitizers will be available throughout the church.  
  5. Washroom facilities will be limited to the main washrooms.     
  6. After checking in remember to maintain social distancing of 6 feet. Once seated, we ask that you do not move around the nave. Physical greetings cannot be allowed. There will be no social greeting or gathering afterwards.   
  7. During the service, movement around the nave will be very limited. 
  8. There will be no choir or congregational singing. Music will be limited to instrumental; organ, piano and soloists. 
  9. We are asked not to congest doorways or areas directly outside so social distancing can be observed. There are a lot of rules and changes. However, those planning the return to worship in the church are making every effort to make it meaningful and safe.

If you have any concerns before, during or after a service please contact the wardens or Pastor Marty.