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All Saints' Mission Outreach 2021.

Each year All Saints' commits to making a significant impact in the neighbourhoods of Lakeshore North and South. There are a variety of ways that All Saints' helps to provide value to the neighbourhood and change the lives of its residents. At All Saints' we firmly believe that as an institution we exist not just for those that worship here, but we serve those who do not come joyfully.

This service happens in a variety of ways. We offer free room rentals to local groups like the Boy Scouts and Grils Guides, ensuring the costs of these programs are within reach of all families. We are the home of the Lakeshore North Neighbourhood Association. And we support our local mission of Carizon Family and Community Services and our international mission at Foundation Cristosal.   

While 2021 was an incredibly difficult year, All Saints' still managed a major impact in our neighbourhood and the world. Below is a short list of some of the highlights of our impact in the mission field.  

Free Room Rentals to Community Group    
Girl Guides $1 160  
Boy Scouts $700    
Lakeshore North Community Association $140    

Total $2 000    

Out Reach Ministries      
Cash* $3 742    
Carizon** $7 487    
Food Pantry** $8 678    

Total $19 907 

Total Mission Outreach      

Free Room Rentals $2 000   
Outreach Ministries $19 907    

Total $21 907      

* This includes donations to PWRDF, Community Associations, Renison University College, Gift Cards for Afghan Refugees, and many more

**This is a combination of cash donations, reverse Advent calendar and knitting from the Wool Gatherers

***This value is calculated from 1738 meals @ $5 per meal, roughly equally 2224 lbs of donated food.