Maundy Thursday, March 29th 7:30 pm

Good Friday, March 30th 10:00 am

Great Easter Vigil, March 31st 7:00 at St George Forest Hill

Service Times

8:00am Book of Common Prayer
10:00am Book of Alternative Services

10:00am Healing Service & Eucharist
11:00am Bible Study

Family Discipleship Day

Advent Quiet Day

Family Discipleship Day

Please join us on December 9th from 9-11 am for a fun-filled morning of crafting, listening to music and spending time together in the season of Advent.

Often in our society, we want to rush to Christmas, and the advertisements for Christmas specials would also have us rush to the malls. This Advent, we will take a few moments from the rush and business to spend a few others with each other, and with Christ as we sit in anticipation, waiting longingly for Christmas.